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How Many Boxes?

Fresh and Rotund Salal Tip

One other green filler with lots of potential for an eco-friendly wedding is our salal tip greens that can be joined with a host of exciting flower combinations that an organizer should take note of. Sala Tip are also know as Lemon Leaves because of the shape and color of the leaf. When properly designed, the green filler can be bunched together for an all green centerpiece or side lining decoration of tables. Alternatively it can bring out the best in any assortment of colored flowers that will delight guests at the wedding. The bride can carry a bouquet of roses fringed by individually arranged Salal Tips with cascading green ivy that will add extra zest and novelty to the bride’s bouquet.

Available year round


  • 8 to 10 stems per bunch
  • Stem length 12 inches.
  • Vase life 10 days

We suggest scheduling the flowers to arrive 2 days before your event in order to allow the flowers to hydrate and open in time for your event. Please visit our Fresh Flower Care link below for information and tips to ensure best flower performance. All images are from the actual flowers, due to weather conditions and different display settings, the shade may vary to a small degree from product image shown.